Scholarship Program

DOYSL has a scholarship program that is independent of all other financial assistant programs.  The DOYSL SP is the only financial assistant program available to players.

DOYSL does not wish any player to be prohibited from playing soccer in our program through lack of financial means or cause any family to suffer financial hardship in order for their child to participate.  Grants of financial assistance are determined by the DOYSL Board of Directors in its discretion based upon the resources available, review of application, and the criteria set forth below.  Receipt of application does not guarantee a scholarship award.  Applications do not carry over to other seasons and a new application would need to be submitted for each season of request. The request for assistance and all information provided on the form will remain strictly confidential.

DOYSL SP is a volunteer based program.  Every scholarship recipient will be required per season to volunteer-

Rec Division:    10 hours of service, (15 hours for a multiple player family)
Rec+ Division:  15 hours of service, (20 hours for a multiple player family)

The recipient’s family will be paired to a Board Member for assignment and documentation of volunteer hours.  Any member of the recipient’s family can complete the volunteer hours. Only U12 and above, will allow the recipient themselves to complete the volunteer hours required by the SP.

All Scholarship recipients are required to participate in Field Day.

Additional information and forms will be available below during the time scholarships are being accepted for the upcoming season.

DOYSL Board of Directors
Effective April 2011/Updated June 2013

Scholarship Application

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