While most of us absolutely love animals; the soccer fields are not a place for them. Animals need to stay at home. They should not be at practices or games.


  • If no action has taken place when a refund is requested, a $10 charge will be accessed due to processing fees.
  • If Uniforms are ordered, a refund of only half will be refunded.
  • If Games have started, NO refund.


Parents of each player are required to help run the concessions for one game during the season. You can do this while your child plays, or you may choose to help at a different time. You may opt out of this for a $20 fee. You will need to select this option when registering. Coaches are not required to help with concessions.

** If you do not opt out of concessions and fail to fulfill your concession requirement, then you will be charged a $40 fee at the end of the season.