While most of us absolutely love animals; the soccer fields are not a place for them. Animals need to stay at home. They should not be there at practices or games.

Masks and Social Distancing:

-Our league follows the Indiana Soccer Association rules for masks, social distancing, etc…. We do want our kids to have spectators BUT we need your help!!

-Masks should be worn by parents when sitting at the fields during games and practices if they cannot social distance of at least 6 feet. If kids are coming near you for water breaks please mask up during that time. If you are not 6 feet apart, and refuse to wear your mask, we will ask you to leave. I know masks can be a nuisance but the safety of the kids are our priority.  You are more than welcome to sit in your car until conclusion of games or practices if masks are an issue for you.


-If no action has taken place when a refund is requested, a $10 charge will be accessed due to processing fees.

-If Uniforms are ordered, a refund of only half will be refunded.

-If Games have started, NO refund.

COVID Information:

If you or an immediate family member is waiting on a COVID test result, please do not come to the soccer fields.  If the test comes back and you are negative, great!  If it is positive, then no one at the soccer fields have been exposed and you can quarantine appropriately.