6U NuFlexsion

Coordinator: Kathy Oliver

Rules & Guidelines

  • Size 3 ball
  • 4 vs 4
  • 4 quarters x 8 minutes (2 minute break between quarters, 5 minute break at half)
  • Substitute at beginning of each quarter and at the 4 minute mark of the 4th quarter , except for injury
  • One Center Referee
  • Coaches may go on the offensive side of the field to set up, but must return to the defensive side after the play – STAY OUT OF GOAL AREA !
  • Only indirect kicks are taken for fouls
  • Throw-ins, kick-offs, corner kicks, and goal kicks will be played
  • Max roster size 8
  • Field size 35 yd long x 25 yd wide
  • Goal size 4 ft x 6 ft
  • No penalty box, or penalty area
  • No Goal Keeper
  • Center Circle 3 yd radius
  • Corner Arcs 1 yd
U6 Field Diagram

Upcoming Events

9:00 am Danville Soccer League Night at ... @ Lucas Oil Stadium
Danville Soccer League Night at ... @ Lucas Oil Stadium
Sep 14 @ 9:00 am – 12:45 pm
Danville Soccer League Night at Lucas Oil @ Lucas Oil Stadium | Indianapolis | Indiana | United States
Danville Warriors vs Northview Knights in this IHSAA Special Event hosted by Danville Community High School and Danville Optimist Youth Soccer League in Partnership with Indy Eleven. Advance ticket sales are only $11 each for[...]

Rules & Guidelines for All Rec NuFlexsions

  • NO JEWELRY IS ALLOWED: pierced earrings, necklaces, rings, etc must be removed before games and practices
  • 2 minute breaks at quarters, 5 minute breaks at half
  • Bench area is to be supervised at all times by an adult.
  • Coaches and spectators are to stay in designated areas only; spectators are not permitted behind the goal areas, or on the same side of the field as the players
  • Defensive players are allowed in the penalty area on goal kicks.
  • Offensive Players may be inside the center circle for a Kick-off
  • All children play at least 2 quarters, unless being disciplined.